Dear BCREA members,

 I wanted to make you aware of some exciting changes for this coming year.  One of the most notable changes you will see is our new website format at

It has 2 parts, the first is the public side which anyone can view regarding general knowledge about our organization.  The second is our members’ only side which requires you to logon with your pin and password to view member only content.  Your pin is listed on your membership card in the form of 2 letters then 2 numbers and then 2 letters again such as AB37RK.   Your password is the last 4 digits of your social security number.   If you are not sure what your pin and password are, please call NJEA at 609-599-4561 and ask for membership.

Also, at the May membership meeting, the members voted on a budget to bring us in line with the decreasing membership.  Part of that change was to move from a costly paper mailed newsletter to a digital version.  In other words, there will still be 4 newsletters per year and they will be provided to you on the website in the members’ only section.  The digital version can be printed out on your printer, viewed on your phone, and able to zoom in on sections of interest.  This will also allow us to use color photos and borders to provide a more enjoyable experience. The best part is we can keep the edition on the cutting edge of news worthiness because we can upload it immediately.

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