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Communicating with You

By Roberta Sallee

Your BCREA officers and Executive Committee members appreciate all of our BCREA members.

We take our responsibility of keeping you informed about all relevant news, issues, events, and opportunities very seriously.

With this responsibility in mind, we have established an online communication method we call BCREA E-blasts.

These e-blasts are sent out intermittently as information to share and are received through various sources and approved by BCREA President Alnetta Price.

The messages are sent via an NJEA group messaging system connected to the official BCREA members listing with NJEA. If you have your current email address registered with NJEA, the BCREA eblast gets sent to you.

I encourage you to sign in to the NJEA website- https://www.njea.org/ and check for email on your profile. (The original sign in is your membership card ID for the pin and the last four digits of your social security number as the password). 

Please watch or search for email from “BCREA eblast” * and click on it so you can see if that particular blast is important to you. Not all of the blasts will be something you care about in your current situation, but some of them will and I would hate to see you miss out. (Note: If you have accidentally or inadvertently clicked unsubscribe or have marked a particular eblast as spam, you are knocked off the subscriber list and must contact us to be put back on)

My generic email is enews@bcreanj.org if you have any questions.

Please pass this information on to any BCREA member colleagues so they can receive the e-blasts. Our outreach committee is interested in hearing from any members who do not have internet access to receive our messages to find alternate communication methods. https://www.bcreanj.org/contact/

Thanks for your attention to this message and stay safe.

*For some reason Gmail sends our eblasts to promotions instead of primary ☹so you might not see them if you don’t keep an eye out.