Membership Renewal


NJEA will be sending renewal statements to all annual members in May. The renewal amount for 2017-2018 will increase by $5.00 so your payment would be $94 (professional) or $59 (ESP).

Dues for some of you do not include BCREA dues. You won’t be billed for BCREA dues for one of two reasons:

• You have maintained membership in NJREA and you were born in 1936 or before. The
unification rules don’t require you to join a county association. If, however, you want
to remain a county member,  you can contact Sally Marley about your BCREA dues.
• You’re a lifetime member of BCREA so your BCREA dues are paid for life.

Some of you won’t get a renewal statement in May. This is because:
• You’re a life member of NJREA so your NJREA dues are paid for life. The unification rules
don’t require you to join a county association. If, however, you want to remain a
county member, we’ll be sending you a letter explaining how you can pay your
BCREA dues.
• You’re not a member of NJREA. NJREA will send you membership information, hopefully
very soon.

All 2013 retirees, all past retirees who are joining NJREA/BCREA for the first time and anyone who has let their past NJREA membership lapse must pay unified dues which include membership in both NJREA and BCREA.

Questions? Contact Sally Marley:

Information about what NJREA offers its members, read the deails HERE.

The BCREA Fall Meeting & Luncheon was held on Octobern 13, at Marco’s at the Indian Spring Country Club.

Speakers at the event  were Sean Spiller, NJEA Secretary / Treasurer,  Beth Beichert,  NJEA Government Relations and Mary Steinhauer, BCEA President . 

The Distinguished Service award was presented to Roe Jankowski for her exceptional service and dedication to our Association.

Raffle winners were: Jean Throop, Margaret Calisti, Phyllis Stern, Emma Harper, Elaine Reichenbach, Carol Ritter, and Patricia Westerfer.

The BCREA Spring Meeting & Luncheon will be held in May 11, 2017.

Reservation form in the Spring  issue of the Beacon and HERE
NJREA and BCREA Membership Information
NJREA Convention Report
BCREA Distinguished Service Award
Constitution and Bylaws
Information To Contact Your Legislators
   Dates of up coming events

Requests or information concerning BCREA Constitution and Bylaws,  Maxine Carter

Please include email and mailing address with your request.

Read the revised BCREA Constitution and Bylaws.


April 27 ~ NJREA Spring Meeting/Luncheon  Nottingham Ballroom
Registration deadline April 17  Get registration form HERE
(Directions at njea.org/njrea)

April 27, May 2, May 9 ~ Training sessions for members who wish to become more
involved politically.  Get information HERE.

May 11 ~ BCREA Spring Meeting/ Luncheon   Marco's, Indian Springs Country Club
Reservation deadline April 21.Registration application HERE

May 20 ~ BCEA's Spring Autism Walk @ Bishop's Gate Industrial Park, Mt. Laurel


The Retired and Senior Volunteer Program (RSVP) is looking for retired teachers, at least 55 years of age, who want to tutor periodically in  Burlington County.

Tutoring Opportunities for all ages : 
       High School
        Adult literacy

For information please contact Karen Bennett at   609 894-9311 x 1498   or at   kbennett@bcc.edu                 
Karen Bennett
                                                   Director RSVP
                                                   Burlington County College
601 Pemberton Browns Mills Rd.
Pemberton, NJ  08068

TPAF Convention Report
BCREA Scholarship / NJREA Scholarships

BCREA Scholarship is open to any Burlington County public high school senior who will be pursuing an education major and will be attending a New Jersey college.  Applications for this scholarship are available at the guidance office of your high school and at this website.     

NJREA Scholarships
2-Year Community College Scholarship is offered to a graduate of a New Jersey public high school                  and has been accepted by a community college.  $500.00 value awarded for one year (renewable)

Isabella M. Hickman 4-year College Scholarship Award is offered to a graduate of a New Jersey public high school, is in the top 10 % of the graduating class, and has been accepted by a four-year college. $1000.00 value awarded for one year (renewable)

For more information concerning these scholarships please contact. 

Brenda Collier        bren7753@yahoo.com

2016 BCREA  Robert M. Oberholser Scholarship  Recipient
Cielo Nuestro, who attends Palmyra High School, has a stellar academic record including a number of AP courses and winning numerous school awards each year. She is a member of the National Honor Society, the German National Honor Society and is active in Student Council, Interact, German Club, Yearbook and the Tomorrow’s Teachers Program.
Cielo also excels out of the classroom. She has been involved in the Palmyra marching band color guard since seventh grade and has been a three time color guard captain. Cielo has also sung the National Anthem at many events. In the community, she spends much of her free time volunteering at her church.
The glowing recommendations that accompanied Cielo’s application continually mention how much she goes out of her way to assist fellow students. In her own words, “I love being the person someone can trust and go to for guidance and support. I cannot see myself doing any other occupation. I want to leave imprints on students like my teachers have done for me. I belong in a classroom because that is where you will find the real me.”

  Looking for the name of your local legislative representatives?   Read here.

Don't know  your NJ legislative district ?  Find them here.
Useful links
NJEA Home Page
Government Relations
.NJREA website.
Cielo Nuestro is the 2016 BCREA Scholarship winner. She attends Palmyra High School.
BCREA Spring 2016 Luncheon and Meeting Report

On March 31,2016, the Member Benefits Committee met for a rewiew of the many programs available to retirees and active employees.  Detailed information about the offers of these companies can be found in the The Review and at www.njea.org online.  It is important to know that we have a special relationship with these partners who demonstrate an interest to help us save and stretch our pension dollars.

Read here for a complete look at the revised Constitution and Bylaws.
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If you have not received your membership card
Contact Sally Marley at


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