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Updates list of Companies offering discounts to active and retired 
NJEA Members

The following companies and vendors available for your consideration include:

Discover Bank .... an NEA Online savings account
Buyer's Edge .... one of our longest standing vendors with guaranteed saving 
opportunities for most big-ticket products.
National Social Security Partners .... a service to help members decide when 
and how to file for Social Security benefits with the emphasis 
being on how to get the most lifetime dollars.
Farmers' Insurance .... an NJEA endorsed Auto and Home Owners insurance 
Grand Family Planning .... a NJ company to assist you with planning for the 
long-term life style of you and/or loved ones.
Aetna Medicare. ....a member of the NJ SHBP offering coverage for health 
needs of you and dependents
Bank Mobile ..... a banking concept (bank with no buildings) using your smart 
phone or tablet for all banking services. They do offer 2417 
AID-NJEA .... an NJEA 2417 helpline offering someone to speak with for all kinds 
of issues. If you need to speak to someone who has walked in 
your shoes, you have it at your disposal.
Wells Fargo Home Mortgage .... state wide availability to assist with mortgage 
financing and banking Issues.
Cancer Treatment Center .... a full care center for Cancer treatments in multiple 
California Casualty Insurance .... an NEA endorsed company in all states in our 
area offering Auto and Home Owners Insurance programs
AT&T ..... You are offered a 15% discount on mobile products and fees. Check 
with your provider for specifics.

You can find more detailed information about these vendors in The Review and the Member Benefits section on the NJEA website.

Member Benefits Contact information.   Get the list of the vendors, their contact person and their phone numbers.  For information and questions.  Available  HERE.
You can find more detailed information about these vendors and Member Services in 
NJEA The Review.
For questions about Member Services and Benefits, you can also contctact:
John Krugler 

Updated  retirees member benefits highlights  are available HERE.
This information was last updated  April 2017
Travel information from TRAFALGAR    Get inforamtion HERE

DREAM VACATIONS  is offering travel to members with disabilities.  Check it out HERE 
Getting ready to collect Medicare? You are an NJEA member who doesnt' qualify for liftime benefits and not sure what to do?  If you need assistance is selecting the appropriate Medicare Supplement plan, you may want to contact Robert Wasky.  He is an independent resource who works with numerous companies to help you with your choice and his services are free to members.
Contact and more information is available  HERE.
NJEA Retired Member Benefits

Prudential NJEA Critical Illness Insurance Plan for Retireees who are under the age of 65.  Coverage up to $5000.00.  Open enrollment until Dec. 31, 2017.  It does not cover pre-existing conditions before enrollment.
For information on cost, eligibility, and enrollment or to get an individual quote you can contact Prudential by phone at 1-800-727-3414, by email:  info@educators-insurance.com or visit them at

ACESS is a national program with thousands of savings opportunities.  Be sure to register with ACCESS so that you may receive semi-monthly email updates from them.  The main categories include: Automotive; Condos and Resorts;Dining; Golf; Health and Beauty; Home and Garden; Hotel; Movies; Recreation; Services; Shopping; Travel.  
Download the My Deals app. It allows your GPS to identify your location and you will see discount offers wherever you go.  You can also get great deals by signing in online at NJEA.org/member benefits.