WOW---80% statewide school budget passage rate yesterday! We could not be prouder of the hard work and grassroots community organizing each of you did to produce this result.

  We said that getting a high percentage of school budgets passed was our # 1 priority. You proved that when we set a goal, focus our organizational energies on it and work together in a unified and cohesive manner---REALLY GOOD STUFF HAPPENS!!!

Thanks and congratulations to all!

Vince Giordano


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Upcoming Dates

May 10 ~ BCREA Spring General Membership Meeting / Luncheon at Marco's,
                           Indian Springs Country Club, 115 Elmwood Rd., Marlton, NJ.
   Once again the luncheon price will be at the reduced price of $10.
    Reservation deadline is April 20, 2018.  Bring a donation for the
    Ronald McDonald House of Southern NJ to the meeting/luncheon.
    Reservation form is available HERE.

May 15 ~ Voter registration deadline for Primary election

May 29 ~ Deadline to apply for a Mail-In- Ballot by mail

June 2 ~ Autism Speaks Walk

June 5 ~ NJ Primary Election Day
Welcome to the BCREA web site.  We are hopeful that our retired educators will find this site useful and informative.  We would like to extend an invitation to you to help make this site your site by contributing suggestions, asking questions and offering your opinions on both site content and issues you feel should be addressed.  Contact us.
We encourage you to stay informed and connected through unified membership in NJREA / BCREA. 

The BCREA Fall Meeting & Luncheon was held on October 19 at Marco’s in the Indian Spring Country Club.

The BCREA Spring Meeting & Luncheon will be held in May, 2018 at Marco's Restaurant in Marlton.
Look for the reservation form in the Spring issue of the Beacon and  HERE on this site.

NJEA opposes S-2455/A-2001 bills because they are a direct attract on collective bargaining.  These bills would move the county college employees and retirees from the School Employeees Health Benefits Program (SEHBP) to the State Health Benefits Program (SHBP).  Read actioins you may take to stop these bills and rea more about the issue HERE.

The Janus case which is scheduled to be heard by the Supreme Court threatens union members rights.  READ MORE HERE.

Should you have questions regarding your state-paid, post-retirement medical benefits, direct questios to your REA President or an NJREA Health Benefits Committee member.  Members for Burlington County is Judy Ruff
(  and for Atlantic and Camden counties William Sia.

NJEACritical Illness Insurance Plan for Retireees who are under the age of 65.  Coverage p to $5000.00.  Open enrollment until Dec. 31, 2017.  For information and quotes call 1-800-727-3414 or email them at

NJEA's new web site allows members to take action on any issue all from one convenient location.  FIND OUT MORE.

Confused about  current  issues?  Not sure what is going on and how things impact you?  Check out the Government Relations page for insight.
BCREA Fall 2017  Luncheon and Meeting Report
In order to support this scholarship BCREA has become a member of the Affinity Program at TD Bank. This program will enable TD Bank to make annual contributions to the BCREA Affinity account based on the average balance of our members' accounts.  Accounts eligible for the Affinity Program are checking, savings, money markets, certificates of deposit and IRA's.  This is an easy way for you to contribute to the scholarship fund without doing anything except enrolling in the program. You may contribute to only one Affinity account and you can become a contributor by stopping at any branch of TD Bank and talk to a Customer Service Representative at any Branch of TD Bank.

Thank you in advance for your help to this worthwhile cause.

You can make personal donations to the BCREA Scholarship Fund.  Make your payable to BCREA-PF and send your donation to BCREA treasurer:
Judith Gaber
20 Lavender Court
Marlton, NJ 08053
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  If you have any changes to contact information please notify

Sally Marley at :
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The BCREA sends out what we call "Email Blasts" to our members.  Usually these are important and time sensitive pieces of information sent to our membership to keep them aware of current news, events, issues.  If you are not receiving these Email Blasts and would like to, use the link below to subscribe (or resubscribe).  The Email Blasts have an "unsubscribe" button available, so if you find that you no longer wish to receive these emails once you have registered, you can end that communication source.  Remember,  being informed is knowledge.

Members please review the proposed changes to the BCREA Bylaws, and Constitution  which will be voted upon at the Spring Meeting and Luncheon on May 10, 2018.  Changes appear in BOLD print.